Social Media Intelligence

Netscribes’ social media intelligence solution helps you unlock sharp consumer and brand insights through a combination of technology and analytics expertise.

By actively monitoring and analyzing social media conversations across channels, we unearth keen insights to enable better decision-making. We filter the signals from the noise to present an unadultrated view of audience perceptions, engagement, and trends to inform strategic planning and crisis response.

With Netscribes, you get to leverage the power of advanced social listening tools, always-on monitoring, and experienced analysts who offer actionable insights and recommendations for you to act upon. Partner with us to achieve better results from your marketing campaigns and build a strong brand reputation.

Our Social Media Intelligence Solutions

Brand Monitoring

Brand Tracking

Get a clear picture of how consumers perceive your brand/products and find ways to improve your brand perception and awareness.

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Protect your brand reputation through timely identification and management of negative content on social media.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Identification and Performance Measurement

Know whom to collaborate with to wield influence over target audiences and achieve better marketing results.

Competition Research and Analysis

Industry/ Category/ Competition Research and Analysis

Gain an up-to-the-minute view of the latest trends, customer behavior, and competition with our social media analytics expertise.

Campaign Management and Reporting

Campaign Management and Reporting

Find out how your campaigns are performing and identify areas for improvement based on key metrics such as mentions, engagement, and audience sentiment.

Consumer Behavior Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Understand consumer sentiment towards your brand, products, and services; external events and trends to craft effective communication strategies.

Why Netscribes?

Social media listening and analytics tools tend to be expensive and require a lot of reconfiguration and hands-on training. We take care of these aspects so you can focus on creating strategies that deliver concrete results. Through the use of advanced technology platforms and an experienced team of data analysts and marketing experts, we glean the most accurate insights and provide recommendations to simplify your decision-making. Our ability to integrate top-line social data points with traditional market research helps brands to get a holistic picture of their business and improve their marketing efforts.

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