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Intellectual property (IP) can bestow tremendous competitive and strategic advantage to your business. Effective IP management, however, requires specialized skills and involves significant cost and effort. Netscribes helps you overcome these pressures by offering comprehensive IP research, patent analysis, patent drafting, litigation, and technology commercialization support services. We utilize proprietary process automation tools and patent search approaches to provide quality IP research services at great value.

Our Services

Patent Landscape Analysis & State of the Art Searches

Patent Landscape Analysis / State-of-the-Art Searches

Gain actionable insights and chalk out a strategic roadmap based on a comprehensive analysis of patent information. Our experienced team of patent analysts performs rigorous data mining, data analysis, and visualization to provide an accurate picture of the patent landscape and helps clients identify the emerging technology and innovation trends, latest prior-art, active competitors, and more.

claim chart

Claim Charts / Infringement Search

Detect infringement and increase patent assertion success with Netscribes’ claim-charting service. We validate product-to-patent infringement and provide detailed evidence-of-usage reports by analyzing and interpreting various claim elements, identifying target companies with unlicensed products, analyzing inferences, implicit infringement, and strength of the available literature to showcase the level of infringement.

techmnology commercialization

Technology Commercialization

Discover effective ways to monetize your intellectual property with Netscribes’ technology assessment and commercialization service. Our proprietary methodology provides comprehensive and accurate insights into the competitive positioning of focus technologies in target markets. We utilize integrated tools to assess the potential strength of the patent and determine appropriate licensing opportunities.

Competitive IP research

Competitive IP Research

Keep a close eye on technology developments and strategically plan your patent portfolio and R&D activities through our continuous tracking and analysis of patent data and competitive information such as mergers and acquisitions, funding, research grants, and other public announcements.

Patent Valuation & Ranking

Patent Valuation & Ranking

Our patent ranking and valuation services help clients make strategic decisions around selling or licensing of owned patents. Our recommendations are based on a comprehensive ranking mechanism incorporated into a proprietary patent scoring tool that is customized to meet your specific requirements.

Patent Invalidity & Validity Search

Patent Invalidity/ Validity Search

We conduct exhaustive validity searches to help clients assess the strength of patent claims, which can be then used for better negotiations during licensing or acquisition deals. Our team of analysts are well-versed with IP laws and have the ability to carry out patent validity searches in multiple languages.

technology scouting IP research

Technology Scouting

We help clients effectively respond to disruptive market trends by searching for sustainable inventions, identifying innovation and technology partners, and providing answers to technical challenges by leveraging a wealth of patent information, technology tools, and primary and desk research.

Infringement analysis

Freedom to operate/ Clearance/ Infringement analysis

We help R&D and product development teams ensure clearance for product ideas, concepts, as well as for making successful R&D and licensing arrangements or partnerships. Our ability to carry out targeted freedom-to-operate/clearance of infringement analysis through exhaustive research and analysis and present insights in visually-appealing reports gives us an edge over others in
the market.


    • Reduced patent analysis costs and turnaround time through the use of proprietary process-automation tools
    • Stay updated on the competitive landscape by keeping track of what other inventors and companies are doing
    • Holistic insights through a combination of patent, legal, and market research
  • Comprehensive coverage with our access to global patent information
  • 100% customizable reports

Why clients choose Netscribes?

Comprehensive search

Comprehensive Search

We utilize various patent, non-patent, and premium business information databases

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Extensive information coverage and streamlined processes

Multi Disciplinary team

Unmatched Technical & Legal Expertise

Multidisciplinary team of Ph.D. holders, engineers, management consultants, and IP law experts


Automated Processes

Use of process automation tools for increased efficiency and reduced turnaround times

customized solutions

Customized Solutions

Bespoke technology, IP and product research for specific business needs


Below are the industries and sectors that we support:

Electronic devices | Semiconductor devices & fabrication | Hi-Tech companies | Telecommunications | Automobile | Renewable & sustainable energy | Chemicals | Biotech | Mechanical, measurement & instrumentation | Medical devices | Mechatronics | Smart devices | Batteries & storage technologies | Automation & robotics | Healthcare | Energy & power | Aerospace | Agriculture | Consumer goods & services | Food & beverage

Make well-informed decisions with comprehensive patent research and analysis

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