Investment Research

Investment decisions are crucial to a company’s operational success. In order for companies to make effective investment research decisions, extensive research needs to be conducted to determine the efficacy of the investment, as well as to optimally analyze the current market and vendor situations to regulate the investments in accordance with the objectives of the firm.

Our investment intelligence think-tank troubleshoots challenges sprung by the uneven nature of equity-driven market dynamics. Netscribes facilitates highly-scalable investment consultancy models to identify equity, commodities, and futures-driven financial models— eking out high ROI and maximum wealth opportunities. From generating high-impact investment benchmarks to comprehensive financial profile and valuation reports, Netscribes has been the partner of choice for some of the biggest international equities and commodities-based investment focus groups and corporate studies.

Equity Research

Equity Research

Analyze your financials, perform ratio analysis and ensure robust financial modeling with our sector and valuation expertise

Target identification

Target Identification

Identify and evaluate potential investment targets—bolstering pursuit planning and propelling client conversion rates

Investment Thesis

Investment Thesis

Leverage our unique intelligence to fill information gaps within your investment business model, increase transparency, reduce risks, and discover investment insights

Due Diligence Research

Due Diligence Research

Cross-reference relevant market information obtained across multiple sources to ensure accuracy, while identifying potential investment opportunities

Company Analysis and Profiling

Company Analysis and Profiling

Leverage our experience to effectively summarize and analyze competitor business profiles, and identify areas that need immediate attention and improvement

PE VC Research

PE and VC Research

With our PE and VC research expertise, develop market maps of target sectors, closely track portfolios and generate proprietary deal flows

Library Business Information Services

Library/Business Information Services

Our unique data modeling and innovative dynamic data appraisal systems help us offer customized analytical tools for optimal data utilization

Financial modelling

Financial Modelling and Valuations

Our innovative and field-tested financial prediction models qualify us to handle flexible financial information and help build sustainable and transparent business valuation models

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