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For over 17 years, Netscribes has been helping global corporations make better decisions and create value by delivering custom market intelligence services that leverage our expertise in primary and secondary research, social media analytics, and IP research. With our market and competitive intelligence services, you can:

Evaluate Futuristic Technologies

Evaluate Futuristic Technologies

Rapid changes in technology can disrupt and even uproot your existing business. We identify emerging technologies and provide a strategic roadmap for technological investments to help you stay relevant and improve your competitive position.
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Market and Competitive Landscape

Know the Market & Competitive Landscape

Get a holistic view of the market and competitive landscape to make strategic business decisions around market entry and expansion, brand positioning, product improvements, partner identification, and more.
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Understand Customer Behavior

Gain Customer Insights

Consumer needs and preferences change often. We help you adapt accordingly by gathering customer insights through primary research, social media analytics, and secondary research.
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Prioritize Investments

Prioritize Investments

Netscribes closely tracks companies, their acquisitions, investments, patents, and more to help you identify potential investment opportunities.
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concept testing

Enter New Markets

We provide an in-depth analysis of the market and competitive landscape and recommend strategies to enter new markets or expand your presence in existing markets. We conduct concept testing and product benchmarking analyses to help you pin down on the factors for a successful market entry.
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Track Markets in Real Time

Track Markets in Real-Time

Our Onsense market intelligence platform lets you access relevant market insights on an interactive dashboard, set alerts, and customize what information you wish to see.
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Why clients choose Netscribes?

Extensive Industry Expertise

Extensive Industry Expertise

Over 15 years of experience working with global clients across major industries, such as IT, Financial Services, Healthcare, CPG, and Manufacturing

Multi Dimensional Data Sources

Multi-Dimensional Data Sources

Greater levels of insight by integrating quantitative and qualitative research, social media analytics, and IP/patent research.

global coverage

Global Reach

Tap into hard-to-reach markets with our multilingual research capabilities and a global network of panel partners

high quality standards

High Quality Standards

Multiple levels of quality checks and global best practices to ensure complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients

Netscribes Quality Assurance

quality assurance

We understand and respect your concerns about data integrity. That’s why we take special care to deliver authentic and reliable research. Our dedicated team of researchers moderate interviews and collect information in a manner consistent with international best practices. The information collected is put through multiple levels of quality checks, where it’s analyzed, cleansed and validated by secondary research to provide complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients.

We are an official member of ESOMAR and abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.

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