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Business professionals rely on accurate, timely and easily accessible information for a variety of business functions. While there’s plenty of information available on the Internet, there’s an increased need for information integration, validation, and management. Netscribes data and information services address this need while saving companies the time and resources involved in in-house research and data management

Our information services support diverse business functions within a broad range of industries, including information technology, financial services, manufacturing, legal, and healthcare. Furthermore, we help in presenting information in meaningful formats, such as whitepapers, reports, presentations, user-guides, newsletters, and infographics.

Our Services


Business Databases

We create and maintain proprietary information databases for your specific requirements with accurate and up-to-date information.





Document Management

We provide document processing, transcription, and data entry, validation and presentation services at low costs and short turnaround times.





Company Profiling

We develop and profile target company information, including capabilities, profiles of senior management teams, funding history, office locations, business news, social media presence, and more.





Executive Profiling

We identify qualified leads, profile and capture relevant prospect information, such as contact details, needs, buying preferences, and company information





Sales Intelligence

We help in driving targeted sales and account-based marketing efforts through in-depth research on leads, prospects, clients, competitors, and the market environment.






Engage with target audiences with relevant, customized newsletters that curate market and competitive information such as market trends, business news, and thought leadership articles.

Why Us?

Business professionals and decision makers require accurate, validated, and timely data and information on a continuous basis for a variety of business functions. Delivering such information in large volumes requires specialized skills, and can be tedious and uneconomical when performed by in-house staff. Netscribes offers a cost-effective solution for all your data and information needs so that you can benefit from lower costs, reduced error rates, and better resource utilization

Our experts understand your unique requirements and have the ability to deal with large volumes of data methodically and apply standards to ensure all data requirements are met. We specialize in a wide-range of industry domains, including:


IT-Services Technology and IT Services


Engineering Engineering & Hi-tech

Banking-and-Financial-servicesBanking and Financial Services

legal Legal

retail Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

healthcare Healthcare

energy-utilities Energy & Utilities

chemicals Chemicals

Drive speedy and efficient decision-making through Netscribes data and information services

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