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Businesses rely on specialized data and information for faster insights and efficient functioning of operations. While data is abundant, converting it into business-ready information can be daunting. Netscribes helps you overcome this challenge and achieve enhanced business performance and revenue growth by unlocking the power of data. Through smart data collection, processing, and integration techniques, we provide clients with accurate, timely and up-to-date data to support their marketing, sales, and product needs.

Netscribes provides an end-to-end data research and management solution through the use of systematic, compliant methodologies that combine qualitative and quantitative approaches, desk research, and automation. Furthermore, we help clients in developing research-based collateral, such as white papers, website content, reports, presentations, and more.

Our Services

Business Databases

Product Data Solutions

Fill knowledge gaps, improve product effectiveness, and deliver enhanced value to your customers through in-depth, up-to-date data. 




Document Management

Document Management

Document processing, transcription, and data entry, validation and presentation services at low costs and short turnaround times.




Executive Profiling

Marketing Data Solutions

Find target accounts and build comprehensive, up-to-date and compliant account databases





Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Improve your chances of closing deals with granular account and stakeholder information and targeted sales collateral






Engage target audiences with tailored, research-driven newsletters


Why Us?

Global firms, including business intelligence providers, Database-as-a-service (DBaaS), news and media, and professional services companies rely on Netscribes for comprehensive and accurate data. We leverage advanced data gathering methods that combine automation and primary and desk research, and our 18+ years of research expertise to help clients improve profitability through better resource utilization, in-depth information coverage, and improved efficiency.

We understand your unique requirements and have the ability to deal with large volumes of data methodically to ensure all your data and information needs are met. Our expertise spans across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals, including:


retail Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods

healthcare Healthcare

energy-utilities Energy & Utilities

chemicals Chemicals

Drive speedy and efficient decision-making through Netscribes data and information services

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