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For a modern enterprise to thrive in a digital-first world, an agile workplace built on data intelligence is vital. Netscribes offers full-stack data and analytics solutions to help you achieve sustained business success. We access, store, visualize and enrich a wide range of structured and unstructured data to address your unique business challenges.

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actionable insights

Drive agility with contextual, and actionable insights

implimentation and delivery

Leverage our DevOps methodology for technology implementation and delivery


Address urgent business needs with a digital-first approach

improve engagement

Improve engagement by combining people-focused processes with advanced data and analytics

From data to decisions

Grow into a world-class digital-first enterprise with our data and analytics solutions

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Public data intelligence

We offer large-scale web data gathering, structuring, analyses, and dashboarding services. Our public data intelligence solution can provide you with price and brand monitoring, assortment intelligence, and content tracking across different marketplaces and single-brand online retail stores.

Our process

collect data

Collect data from 50+ available online sources

product detail page

Capture data from listings and product detail pages

creat center responsibility

Create central repository

analyze price

Analyze price, availability, and search results using AI/ML frameworks

collect data

Display insights on a customizable dashboard

Add-on services

Hero image checks

MRP/MAP compliance

Share of products in the search

Sponsored and brand tag tracking

SEO monitoring at scale

Data engineering and dashboarding

With a deep understanding of modern data technologies, our expert analysts dissect data from multiple siloed sources ranging from CRM and product database to sales data and establish a single data warehouse. We calculate and showcase meaningful metrics (price, assortment, brand, and SEO) in a customer dashboard to help your business teams take corrective action wherever necessary.

Our process

collect data

Source data from multiple data sources sitting in silos

product detail page

Create an efficient data pipeline

creat center responsibility

Consolidate in a single data warehouse

analyze price

Clean obsolete data and retain relevant analysis

collect data

Display data and analytics on a custom dashboard

Data engineering technologies we support

ML/AI model development

We use custom AI/ML algorithms to support your business development lifecycle – from marketing and sales to customer experience. We cater to your individual business needs ranging from influencer and customer review analytics to video intelligence, by diving into data and capturing analyses in a dashboard.

Our process

collect data

Define problem statements for ML/AI algorithms

product detail page

Identify and analyze the many solution parameters

creat center responsibility

Collect public online data and structure it for labeling purposes

analyze price

Human in the Loop (HITL) labeling: Collate and upload data in the Workflow platform

collect data

Transfer cleaned, labeled data to Data Science teams for AI model deployment

AI/ML technologies and frameworks we support

Exploratory data analysis

Seeking granular insights into the main characteristics of a data set? Our exploratory data analysis can help you get the answers you need by employing data visualization and data pipeline maintenance.

Our process

collect data

Observe the dataset based on the imported raw data

product detail page

Identify and categorize missing values

creat center responsibility

Notice skewness and gaps to understand dataset trends

analyze price

Identify correlations and patterns between values

collect data

Look for outliers and visualize the analysis

Our data and analytics solutions can
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