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Businesses are faced with challenges that are often more complex than they seem. Netscribes analytics and business intelligence solutions help address these challenges by providing a precise and panoramic view of factors influencing your business performance. By synthesizing current and historic data from internal and external sources, we identify patterns that uncover customer preferences and attitudes, operational inefficiencies, and reveal the true value of your marketing efforts. Partner with us to recognize and diagnose underlying issues and achieve sustained business success.

How we help


Customer Analytics

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty through a deeper understanding of their needs and behavior.


Marketing Analytics

Understand the true results of your marketing efforts and find data-driven ways to optimize return-on-investment.


Category Analytics & Inventory Planning

Determine the right assortment of products to boost basket size and minimize stockouts and product wastage.


Process Optimization

Identify factors impacting operational efficiency, accuracy and turnaround times through in-depth root-cause analysis.


Location Analytics

Identify the best regions for business expansion or market entry.

Good data = Analytics success

Data scientists spend 80% of their time preparing and managing data for analysis. With over two decades of research and information management expertise, Netscribes is your ideal partner to overcome this challenge. We take responsibility of cleaning and organizing data to make it analytics-ready.

Contextual insights

Our extensive experience of working with business leaders across multiple industries and geographies helps us understand your unique business challenges to deliver relevant and contextual insights.

From data to decisions

From outlining data strategy to insights communication, we’ve got you covered. We work with your team to identify relevant datasets, process it for hygiene and accuracy, create views for multiple stakeholders in your organization, and apply the right analytical models to generate insights and recommendations.

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