Research on India

Research on India is a one-stop solution for varied research requirements focusing on Indian markets. We leverage a single platform to offer syndicated reports, intelligence dashboards and custom research that helps businesses meet their end-to-end research requirements. Our comprehensive suite of India-focused research helps empower your business with easy access to relevant, industry-specific reports and capture real-time insights through interactive dashboards. The platform provides clients with strategic insights on a wide spectrum of market segments that helps drive accelerated decision-making. Our holistic market research acts as a spring board for entry-level strategies, private equity and venture capital investments, investor presentations and management discussions.

Go-to platform for varied research requirements

  • Report Store

    Report Store

    A comprehensive online hub for syndicated research reports covering a wide spectrum of industries, focused on Indian markets. Our reports imbibe in-house skills and local expertise to present actionable research with a tactical edge. The off-the-shelf reports act as easy-to-use research guides that provide quick access to key market insights and drive prompt decision-making.

  • Intelligence Dashboard

    Intelligence Dashboard

    We leverage on years of market intelligence expertise to provide a state-of-the-art dashboard that offers real-time insights to clients. The interactive and dynamic platform not only provides customized solutions specific to the client’s needs but also acts as an intelligence plugin for all their business requirements.

  • Research On-Demand

    Research On-Demand

    Research requirements of clients often require us to work collaboratively to develop tailor-made research solutions. Our dedicated custom research team comprising experienced research analysts combine the right mix of primary and desk research to provide insights that are in line with the client’s growth initiatives.

The ROI Advantage

  • User-friendly Interface

    User-friendly Interface

    Quick identification of relevant market research reports through robust search options,product comparison features, request sample reports and research assistance features.

  • India Intelligence

    India Intelligence

    Stay up-to-date with regular industry insights through our blog, free analyst reports, industry-focused newsletters and e-mail alerts for the latest publications.

  • Customer Assistance

    Customer Assistance

    Our dedicated client support team provides end-to-end assistance for all research needs, from setting up accounts, overseeing account related details to resolving every product-related issue that may arise.

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