Onsense Market Intelligence Platform

Netscribes’ Onsense market intelligence platform is your one-stop source of industry and competitive information. Its AI-powered platform tracks tens of thousands of data sources daily, including news, social media, as well as Netscribes research, and maps it to your requirements to gather the most comprehensive, yet focused information. Onsense’s customizable interface lets you track specific industries, companies, and topics and share intelligence reports via email or automated newsletters.



  • Gain instant access to market and competitive intelligence on the go
  • Customized reports based on specific industries, companies, geographies, or topics
  • Comprehensive intelligence based on a range of data sources, such as social media, news articles, patents, published research, and premium databases
  • Track information in regional languages, as well as in English


  • Financial Services

    Financial Services

    Uncover investment opportunities, track companies and uncover consumer voice

  • Information Technology & High-Tech

    Information Technology & High-Tech

    Stay updated on new product launches, emerging technology, and competitor activities

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

    Always-on media monitoring, shopper insights, campaign analysis, and market trends

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Healthcare & Life Sciences

    Track drug developments as they happen, R&D activity, and strategic initiatives

Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends.

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Use Cases

  • Sales and Market Intelligence

    Sales and Market Intelligence

    Track news, mentions, thought leadership for companies, topics and keywords.

  • Competitor Tracking

    Competitor Tracking

    Stay on top of competitors with monitoring across verticals/services/industries. Benchmark products across key competitive levers.

  • Aware Leadership

    Aware Leadership

    Track top management on market updates and competition. Stay updated on investments, management changes, CXO opinions, product launches, and more.

  • Social Listening

    Social Listening

    Keep your firm’s health in check by monitoring key social media channels.

  • Sales Acceleration

    Sales Acceleration

    Accelerate trust building in meetings with real-time understanding of prospects’ business initiatives.

  • Better Account Farming

    Better Account Farming

    Track prospects on account farming triggers such as operation expansion, new product launches, and more.

  • Customized Information Sourcing

    Customized Information Sourcing

    Establish a sourcing module to cover intelligence on the upcoming sectors that could turn into next big opportunity.

  • Daily Intelligence Alerts

    Daily Intelligence Alerts

    Deliver custom market intelligence alerts to individual consultants and partners basis on their domain and area of expertise.

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