Onsense is a market intelligence platform by Netscribes, which provides a perfect blend of custom research and curated insights from over 35,000 data sources to give you real-time updates on your competitors, customers, vendors and industries.

Our platform is used by both large multi-national corporations and SMEs to track companies they want to do business with and competitors they want to outsell. It combines data visualization on an online dashboard, with the core customized research capabilities of Netscribes.

Onsense can track updates in local languages by combining advanced machine learning and human intelligence.

Industries We Support

  • Banking and Insurance

    Banking and Insurance

  • Technology Media &Telecom

    Technology Media &Telecom

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

    Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences

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Use Cases

  • Sales and Market Intelligence

    Sales and Market Intelligence

    Track news, mentions, thought leadership for companies, topics and keywords.

  • Competitor Tracking

    Competitor Tracking

    Stay on top of competitors with monitoring across verticals/services/industries. Provides benchmarking across key competitive levers.

  • Aware Leadership

    Aware Leadership

    Track top management on market updates and competition. Stay updated on investments, management changes, CXO opinions, product launches, and more.

  • Social Listening

    Social Listening

    Keep your firm’s health in check by monitoring key social media channels.

  • Sales Acceleration

    Sales Acceleration

    Accelerate trust building in meetings with real-time understanding of prospects’ business initiatives.

  • Better Account Farming

    Better Account Farming

    Track prospects on account farming triggers such as operation expansion, new product launches, and more.

  • Customized Information Sourcing

    Customized Information Sourcing

    Establish a sourcing module to cover intelligence on the upcoming sectors that could turn into next big opportunity.

  • Daily Intelligence Alerts

    Daily Intelligence Alerts

    Deliver custom market intelligence alerts to individual consultants and partners basis on their domain and area of expertise.

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