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The increasing popularity of social media has created a new stream of consumer data and unique opportunities for firms to create brand value. Make the most of this rich source of consumer data through our social media listening and analytics service. Through our integrated use of social media analytics and market research, you can actively sense and respond to consumer voices to inform branding, product development and marketing strategies.

Leverage our always-on monitoring, best-in-class technology tools, and team of experienced business consultants to listen to the “voice of the consumer” and identify opportunities for improvement. Submit the form to request a consultation.

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Listening to consumers is imperative for brands seeking continuous business improvement. As consumers actively voice their opinions online, analyzing conversations across social media channels can help uncover rich insights to inform decisions across marketing, product, partnerships, and overall operations. Leverage our always-on monitoring of social channels, a team of data scientists, and the best tools in the industry, to identify areas of opportunity to act upon. Our social media listening and analytics services are best-suited for your company if you’re looking to:

  • Find actionable insights for even the most complex requirements
  • Develop data-driven strategies without the overhead of an in-house technical team
  • Leverage best-in-class platforms for listening, customer analytics, ads analytics, and CRM analytics
  • Find innovative ways to engage with customers and build brand value

The amount of data created by social channels is almost out of control. Generating value from this overwhelming amount of information at high speeds requires a substantial investment in technology, analysts, and strategists, whether we like it or not. With Netscribes, you don’t need to make compromises. We take care of all your data and insight needs so that you can focus on creating strategies that deliver results.

Through the use of advanced technology platforms and an experienced team of data analysts and marketing experts, we deliver the most accurate insights and provide recommendations for your decision-making processes. We are “platform-agnostic”, which means we select the right tools based on your listening, customer analytics, ads analytics, and CRM analytics needs.


Why Netscribes?

Extensive Industry Expertise

Extensive Industry Expertise

Over 18 years of experience working with global clients across major industries, such as IT, Financial Services, Healthcare, CPG, and Manufacturing

Comprehensive Research

Comprehensive Research

Well-rounded insights through the combination of desk and primary research, social media analytics, and IP research.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Tap into hard-to-reach markets with our multilingual research capabilities and a global network of panel partners

high quality standards

High-Quality Standards

Multiple levels of quality checks and global best practices to ensure complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients

Netscribes Quality Assurance

Netscribes Quality Assurance


We understand and respect your concerns about data integrity. That’s why we take special care to deliver authentic and reliable research. Our dedicated team of researchers moderate interviews and collect information in a manner consistent with international best practices. The information collected is put through multiple levels of quality checks, where it’s analyzed, cleansed and validated by secondary research to provide complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients.

We are an official member of ESOMAR and abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.