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Tap into emerging market opportunities across the globe and drive continuous growth through in-depth market analysis and insights. With Netscribes, not only do you gain insight into the present market trends, but also the predicted changes over time for making informed business decisions.

Netscribes is a trusted market intelligence provider for several Fortune 500, as well as, small to mid-size firms, universities, and non-profit organizations. Our ability to conduct multi-country studies using methodologies that integrate primary and desk research and technology-driven analysis techniques has made us a leading market and competitive intelligence partner to global organizations.

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Market analysis is a crucial step in new product introduction, market entry or expansion, and improving business capabilities. Despite the increased availability of information, deriving relevant, timely, and actionable market insights from diverse sources remains a challenge. We help business managers overcome these challenges through our advanced market intelligence capabilities and deep industry expertise. Our customized market intelligence solutions have helped clients to:

  • Introduce new products and services (trend spotting, target market analysis, competitive analysis, consumer research, concept testing, partnership research)
  • Understand the competitive situation in target markets
  • Identify market opportunities and inform investment decisions
  • Understand which technologies are crucial for business growth
  • Formulate impactful marketing strategies
  • Identify and select business partners

Our Approach

Netscribes’ market intelligence approach encompasses both macro and micro level analytic research (EICPT model). This model drills downwards from macroeconomic scenarios to industry and sub-sectors to company and peer group analysis, product and services and finally technology.

Economy: Comprehensive economy research and analysis with a short and medium-term outlook on key macroeconomic variables and key global developments.

Industry: In-depth industry research covering market size, distribution channel analysis, market trends,competitive landscape, legislation, company profiles.

Company: Strategic analysis of companies covering key facts, company background, detailed SWOT analysis, market assessment, key strategic objectives and challenges, regional category analysis and competitive positioning and prospects.

Product: Pre-Product Research (Innovation/Technology, Patent, Market Entry, Market Opportunity, Go-to-Market) Post-Product Research (Market Intelligence, Investment Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence)

Technology: Technology research for IP and innovation-based strategies covering complex technology assessment, novelty searches, freedom-to-operate searches, portfolio and landscape analyses, validity searches and licensing support services.

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Why Netscribes?

Extensive Industry Expertise

Extensive Industry Expertise

Over 18 years of experience working with global clients across major industries, such as IT, Financial Services, Healthcare, CPG, and Manufacturing

Comprehensive Research

Comprehensive Research

Well-rounded insights through the combination of desk and primary research, social media analytics, and IP research.

Global Reach

Global Reach

Tap into hard-to-reach markets with our multilingual research capabilities and a global network of panel partners

high quality standards

High-Quality Standards

Multiple levels of quality checks and global best practices to ensure complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients