Intellectual Property (IP) Research Services

Make R&D, legal, funding, and IP management decisions with precision with Netscribes IP research services. With our IP research services you can:

  • Understand the "state of the art" to build or improve upon a given technology
  • Detect infringement and increase patent assertion success
  • Discover ways to monetize your IP
  • Understand the growth trend in a particular technology area over time
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest patent landscape information

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Technology assessments conducted


Global IP research clients, including R&D, Marketing, and Product Development teams, universities, law and advisory firms


Patents analyzed across domains such as technology, manufacturing, chemicals, and life sciences

Patents are of enormous value for businesses. Not only are they crucial for safeguarding inventions, but can offer tremendous insight for decision-making through Intellectual Property (IP) research. Our IP research services are designed to help organizations make legal, funding, R&D, and IP management decisions with precision through a combination of advanced patent analysis tools and in-house IP experts. Our services include:

  • Patent Landscape Analysis / State-of-the-Art Searches
  • Technology Assessment and Commercialization
  • Claim Charts / Infringement Search
  • Patent Watch/ Patent Monitoring
  • Patent Valuation and Ranking
  • Patent Invalidity/ Validity Search
  • Freedom to operate/ Clearance/ Infringement analysis

World-class IP research for well-informed decisions

We provide insightful patent analysis with a quick turnaround time and at a fraction of traditional costs. With a strong technical team that comprises of PhDs, engineers, management consultants, and IP law experts from top universities, including the IITs, NITs, and BITs, you can rely on us for superior quality in patent research and analysis.

Our expert team of patent analysts performs rigorous data mining, data visualization, and data analysis to generate an accurate picture of the patent landscape and help clients identify competitive and technology trends. We also provide clients with a database of patents which we update on a regular basis for your internal teams. Our customers can obtain add-on business research on the market landscape to support strategic decisions. With the right people, efficient analysis methodologies, extensive research coverage, and flexible deliverable formats, we ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Product and innovation roadmap

Netscribes IP research services combine technology, commercial intelligence, and research to develop roadmaps for innovative companies. In developing product and innovation roadmaps, we leverage our intellectual property assessment capabilities and product/competitor benchmarking experience to provide the optimum way forward in a variety of fast-paced technology backed industries. We also synergistically combine market and business research to support go-to-market strategies, commercialization roadmaps, product portfolio optimization, strategy development and execution related to sourcing or procurement, technology or process scouting, emerging market or application identification, among others.

Why Netscribes?

Human Machine Intelligence

Human + Machine Intelligence

High accuracy and cost advantage by leveraging world-class IP analytics platforms, such as Derwent and Lexis Nexis, and an expert team of patent analysts

Domestic International Coverage

Domestic + International Coverage

Derive well-rounded insights through a global patent research coverage

Customized research

Customized Research

Research methodologies designed to address specific needs

Deep Dive Analysis

Deep-Dive Analysis

Exhaustive patent and market analysis to support better decision-making

Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting

Easily grasp complex information through dynamic, graphical reports

Netscribes Quality Assurance

Netscribes Quality Assurance


We understand and respect your concerns about data integrity. That’s why we take special care to deliver authentic and reliable research. Our dedicated team of researchers moderate interviews and collect information in a manner consistent with international best practices. The information collected is put through multiple levels of quality checks, where it’s analyzed, cleansed and validated by secondary research to provide complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients.

We are an official member of ESOMAR and abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.