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Global Mobility Trend Analysis

Global Mobility Trend Analysis to Develop Expatriate Healthcare Insurance Plans

An American worldwide healthcare solutions provider was looking to carry out a global mobility trend analysis for developing healthcare insurance plans for expatriates. Through the analysis, it hoped to gain a clear perspective o...

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Benchmarking Analysis image

How Brand Perception and Performance Benchmarking Analysis helped a company strengthen its brand positioning

How customers perceive your brand can indicate the growth of a business. Understanding brand perception requires listening to customers and actively seeking out their feedback. Our client, a renowned automobile brand manufacturer, h...

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Channel Management

How Consumer Analysis transformed a company’s Marketing and Sales Strategy

Channel management and consumer analysis is one of the important functions of marketing and helps in selling goods and services to the customer. It also assists in streamlining communication between the business and the customer. &n...

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Financial Benchmarking

Financial benchmarking

Netscribes’ financial benchmarking study helps a client assess its competitiveness in the oil and gas market. Our client, a major oil and gas company, wanted to benchmark their financial and operational metrics against their peer ...

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Equity Research

How a company increased research coverage to drive value for investors using Equity Research

Equity research involves carrying out critical analysis to evaluate the fair value of stocks owned by a particular company. It helps financial institutions to determine the attractiveness of an investment and make informed investmen...

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Account based intelligence

Account-based intelligence helps IT firm develop a targeted sales strategy

Our client, one of the world’s largest IT equipment and services company headquartered in Japan, wanted to pitch a specific set of products in the Indian market. As it was a new market space for our client, it required help in ...

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Marketing Campaign

How Research-Driven Marketing Campaigns elevated a premium food company’s brand

A premium global health food firm based in Israel wanted to improve the sale of their luxury dates.  However, it had little insight into the buying habits and lifestyles of their customers and, consequently, lacked personalized com...

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Market Landscape Analysis

How a comprehensive market landscape analysis helped a paints and coatings company

A comprehensive market landscape analysis helps a paints and coatings company take decisive steps to grab lucrative opportunities in the Thailand market.   Succeeding in a new market requires a deep understanding of its inner w...

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Prior-art Searches

How IP & Patent Research Expertise helped a company conduct effective Prior-Art Searches

Our client, a world leading research institute in the field of nano electronics that functions through global partnerships with industry leaders, wanted to conduct a prior-art search exercise in order to verify the patentability of ...

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Corporate Communication

Corporate communication

Our client, a global pioneer in electrical energy wanted to align all content emerging from the corporate communications unit into a single standard in terms of tonality and style. It was in search of a partner that could assist the...

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Marketing Brochure

Designing a Winning Marketing Brochure: How a Company Elevated its Brand with Compelling Design and Messaging

Strategically developed marketing brochures can act as a handy tool to educate and entice customers. They are cost-efficient, easy to share, and can help improve sales. However, getting it right requires a clear understanding of wha...

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Industry Sector Research

How Industry Sector Research Helped a Company Anticipate Market Trends and Capitalize on Opportunities

Netscribes industry sector research helps quantify the overall value and forecast the growth of the automobile sector in the GCC region.   Our client, a leading investment bank providing solutions to institutional and corporate...

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Technology licensing study

Leveraging Technology Assessment for Business Transformation – A Licensing Case Study

Netscribes’ technology assessment licensing study helps client gain competitive intelligence on the landscape and trends in the petrochemicals sector. Our client, a leading multinational corporation in the domain of petrochemicals...

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Market Assessment

Success in F&B Market Assessment: Navigating Industry Complexities

Our client, the second largest food and beverage company in the world, wanted to assess the market size and potential and growth opportunity for flavored milk and convergence drinks in Russia. It was in search of a partner that coul...

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