health insurance after retirement

Unveiling retirement health insurance trends in the UAE via consumer surveys

  In a rapidly evolving global life reinsurance industry, staying ahead of emerging trends is paramount to success.  A leader in the sector, recognizing the increasing importance of understanding health insurance needs after r...

Market landscape analysis of safety index

Market landscape analysis of safety index among Fortune 500 companies

Ensuring safety is paramount for organizations, especially those among the prestigious Fortune 500. Recognizing the significance of safety index and its impact on company performance, a leading enterprise sought to delve deep into t...

Intelligent data extraction

Providing intelligent data extraction solutions for an analytics relation specialist

In the dynamic world of analytics, extracting and analyzing data accurately and efficiently is essential for success. For a global consulting firm specializing in data solutions, the process was manual, time-consuming, and lacked sc...

Efficient catalog management

Efficient catalog management solution for wholesale marketplace sellers

When a prominent retail giant based in the UAE sought to make the complex catalog management processes efficient for their wholesale sellers in the B2B market, they turned to Netscribes for a solution. The challenge was clear – se...

market intelligence in AI

In-depth market intelligence on the use of AI in cyber insurance and security

A global information technology-enabled services (ITeS) giant, partnered with us to conduct a comprehensive market research study on the adoption of AI in the cyber insurance and security market in the UK. The aim was to assess the ...

Market assessment IV solutions

Market assessment study of IV solutions and injectables in the UAE

A UAE-based pharma company specializing in IV solutions for kidney dialysis, life-saving IV fluids, large-volume parenteral, water for irrigation, and therapeutic products. It partnered with us to conduct a comprehensive market asse...

Research on barriers to financial protection

Research on barriers to financial protection and inclusion for select countries

An international conglomerate offering reinsurance solutions built a reputation for its expertise in risk management, innovative solutions, and exceptional client service. Eager to identify the root causes of financial insecurity an...

Enterprise content management

Enterprise content management solution for a B2B SaaS firm

Enterprise content management, post a merger or acquisition can be quite a herculean task for both companies. A US-based supply chain management solutions provider acquired a top cloud-based workforce management organization in APAC...

Centralized event management

Transforming event management with a centralized Automated Solution

An Indian multinational conglomerate that has been shaping India’s industrial and economic landscape since its inception in 1868. With diverse interests ranging from salt to fertilizers, the group has a significant presence in...

Eye-tracking data analysis

How to Use Eye-Tracking Data Analysis for Product Packaging

Are you struggling to increase customer conversion at your retail store? Do you want to understand your customer’s buying journey and persona better? Did you know you can use eye-tracking data analysis to evaluate what your cu...

Online collaboration portal

Online collaboration portal for a large conglomerate

Looking to streamline communication and collaboration among their legal operations, a large conglomerate with over 65 member firms approached Netscribes for a solution. Lawyers and company secretaries spread across geographies were ...

Market assessment for clothing brand

Market Assessment of contract management for a leading clothing brand

  For clothing brands to understand their target customers and identify the latest trends and consumer preferences in the retail and fashion industry, a constant assessment of the market is highly crucial. Our client, a leading...

fitness equipment

A comprehensive Brand Performance Assessment for a global fitness equipment major

Identifying what makes your brand unique is the first step in strategically gaining a positioning edge over your rivals. Our client, a leading home fitness equipment provider, with a global presence, wanted to conduct a brand perfor...

Video image annotation support

Video and image annotation support for ADAS/AD in mobility

A leading global engineering and technology company specializing in mobility solutions needed video and image annotation support for its recently established technology division to develop autonomous vehicles. They sought assistance...

Energy drink brand data extraction and reporting- technology

Optimizing data extraction and reporting for a leading US energy drink brand

  Seeking to streamline their data extraction techniques and reporting process and cut down the time it took to get actionable business insights, a US-based gaming and energy drink manufacturer was looking for a suitable soluti...


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