Netsribes’ innovation research helps organizations to use data effectively to inform their innovation and product development decisions. We conduct innovation studies including technology assessments and tracking, start-up ecosystem research, patent analysis, and licensing and commercialization studies. With proprietary tools and an in-house team of qualified analysts, we deliver insights to determine:

  • The most valuable patents/inventions in your portfolio
  • Which technologies to develop and secure IP for
  • The actual market value and commercial viability of your inventions
  • The changes and enhancements required in existing processes, products, or inventions
  • Optimal routes for commercializing inventions
  • Potential enforcement strategies and licensees that will add the most value to your inventions

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Patent landscape analysis / State-of-the-art searches

Chalk out a strategic innovation roadmap based on a comprehensive analysis of patent information. Our experienced patent analysts perform rigorous data mining, data analysis, and visualization to provide an accurate picture of the patent landscape to identify emerging technology and innovation trends, the latest prior-art, active competitors, and more.

Technology commercialization

Accelerate the transition of discoveries from labs to the marketplace with our technology commercialization support. We carry out commercialization due diligence and research to evaluate market need, patent strength, and competitive threat and offer guidance on suitable commercialization routes.

Technology scouting

We help clients effectively respond to disruptive market trends by searching for sustainable inventions, identifying innovation and technology partners, and providing answers to technical challenges by leveraging a wealth of patent information, technology tools, and primary and desk research.

Claim charts/Infringement search

Detect infringement and increase patent assertion success with Netscribes’ claim-charting service. We validate product-to-patent infringement and provide detailed evidence-of-usage reports by analyzing and interpreting various claim elements, identifying target companies with unlicensed products, analyzing inferences, implicit infringement, and the strength of the available literature to showcase the level of infringement.

Prior art search

We help uncover evidence about known inventions and aid in identifying if a novel idea, concept, or technology developed in-house or indigenously is indeed new. Netscribes’ Prior art search reveals references from previously published information or data sources that may or may not exist physically at a specific point in time nor are available commercially.

Freedom to operate/ Clearance/ Infringement analysis

We help R&D and product development teams ensure clearance for product ideas, and concepts, as well as for making successful R&D and licensing arrangements or partnerships. Our ability to carry out targeted freedom-to-operate/clearance of infringement analysis through exhaustive research and analysis and present insights in visually appealing reports gives us an edge over others in the market.

Netscribes innovation research provides consistent data-driven insights to capitalize on disruptive innovations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

From determining the novelty of your inventions to commercialization, we support you through every step of the innovation process.

Understand emerging technologies

Holistic view Understand emerging technologies, novel ideas, and viable products under development

Identify the strongest companies

Competitive insights Identify the strongest companies, products, and IP in specific technology areas

produce innovative outcomes

Timely optimizations Explore how existing ideas can be modified or improved to produce innovative outcomes

Validate opportunity gaps

Robustness Validate opportunity gaps for innovation and product development

Determine the ROI

Profitability Determine the ROI you can expect from nascent technologies

align product development

Market-ready Better align product development with market needs

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology and innovation insights.

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