The technology industry is characterized by rapid innovation, evolving industry standards, cost reductions, and intense competition. To compete successfully in this environment, Netscribes helps you keep track of the rapid changes in technology, shifts in the market, competitor marketing, and product strategies by providing accurate, detailed and timely market information and insights. We gather and analyze data from multiple sources using qualitative and quantitative research, in-depth patent research, and social media analytics to help you stay on top of market trends, assess opportunities, understand patent landscapes, find relevant prospects to drive targeted sales, and build thought leadership. Over 40 clients from the technology industry, including the top five global IT firms and some of the world’s leading software and electronics manufacturing companies, rely on Netscribes support for a broad range of their sales and marketing functions, such as market research, product strategy and development, business development, and marketing communications.

How we help


Market Research & Analysis

We conduct detailed market, technology, and competitive assessments to help you address potential opportunities and challenges. We provide information about emerging trends, their implications, forecasted business demand, and opportunities on an ongoing basis. We also offer data and information services, such as database building and company profiling.


Product Strategy & Development

We conduct comprehensive IP and patent analysis to provide competitive insights about new product
development and help you evaluate their impact on your product offerings. Our services include IP and patent research, product testing and benchmarking, and competitive landscape analysis. We conduct product and concept tests, including both qualitative and quantitative projects, to identify the addressable market and how you can best meet its needs.


Business Development

We provide detailed information about key accounts to support targeted sales and marketing efforts. This includes detailed company and prospect profiling, information about company financial health, M&A, end-to-end IT implementation analysis, and the pain-points of target prospects to help your marketing and sales teams sell better and position products in line with the needs of prospective clients.


Marketing & Communications

We develop marketing collateral relevant to your customers based on our extensive market research and ability to capture the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges across industries.

Technology Services


Market Intelligence

Market and competitive analysis to aid strategic decision making by utilizing primary and secondary data sources, social media and scientific data


Data & Information Services

Relevant, accurate and timely data and information about companies, competitors, market trends, vendors, and more


Innovation Research

Explore nascent technologies and identify opportunities for new product development


IP Solutions

Patents and related intellectual property assessments to better determine and defend your position in the market


Sales Intelligence

Comprehensive analysis of key decision makers within target companies to improve sales performance and resource utilization


Thought Leadership

Development of collateral and whitepapers, and management of promotional campaigns

What you get

  • Respond and adapt to technology-driven changes with our continuous market intelligence, based on a 360° view of markets, technologies, and competitors
  • Get a clear-eyed focus on how current technologies are evolving and which technologies are important for growth
  • Identify and evaluate emerging technologies that can impact your business
  • Identify the addressable market and how you can best meet its needs with our qualitative and quantitative research

Our Approach

Our holistic approach consolidates multi-dimensional data sources that cover economic and regulatory environments, trends, competitors, prospects, clients, vendors, and partners across industries to meet all your market and technology intelligence needs. Our diverse range of technology market research services covers a broad range of industries including but not limited to IT, CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Automotive.

Stay ahead of change and transform disruption into lasting value

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