Digital shelf analytics

Digital shelf success depends on how a brand performs on numerous factors, such as pricing, product availability, content, customer reviews, and search performance. The digital shelf analytics solution from Netscribes provides a holistic view of your brand’s performance across all of these factors to enable faster decision making and corrective action.

Benchmark your brand against your competitors

Know where your brand stands versus thousands of competitors on the digital shelf. By analyzing over 400 data points across five dimensions — Search ranking, Assortment, Pricing, Content, and Customer reviews — we quantitatively diagnose brands’ digital strengths and weaknesses and rank peer-to-peer performance within various verticals.



food and beverages

Food and beverage

home appliances

Home appliances









  • See product pricing versus the competition across categories.
  • Know which sellers offer deep discounts below the MAP.
  • Track the extent of MAP violation and identify violators.
  • View pricing trends across marketplaces for any given product category.
  • Know if your products are available across key marketplaces.
  • Track the out-of-stock trend for products or product categories across marketplaces.
  • Identify assortment gaps versus the competition.
  • Know which products to carry, keep and drop.
  • Track out-of-stocks across marketplaces in real-time.
  • See whether your online product content follows your brand guidelines.
  • Benchmark your content quality versus the competition.
  • Identify areas to improve your product content based on consumer and competitive analysis.
  • Monitor the ease of discovering your products across marketplaces.
  • Track your search performance for new and existing keywords over time.
  • Review your search position for organic and sponsored results versus the competition.
  • Identify key product attributes and features in a category.
  • Monitor share of customer reviews versus the competition.
  • Monitor the share of positive, negative and neutral reviews.
  • Track and compare reviews and ratings versus the competition.

Ensure brand compliance across marketplaces

Ensure your digital customer experiences are as good as those offered to offline customers. We monitor and grade your brand across multiple marketplaces using our proprietary machine-learning platform to ensure brand consistency and accuracy.

brand guidelines

View the extent of deviations from your brand guidelines

customized report

Obtain regular reports customized to your needs

timely insights

Enable swift action with timely insights and recommendations

Identify product content inaccuracies

Check whether sellers follow your brand’s guidelines for product content and take appropriate action. Through Netscribes’ digital shelf analytics solution, you can view the performance of your product content across multiple marketplaces at a glance. Each of your products are graded based on inaccuracies in product content including, but not limited to:








Benefits and features


Logos and trademarks

jade easy wash detergent

Jade easy wash Detergent 2.5kg

Title validation: Fail

Image validation: Fail

Availability: Pass

jade easy wash laundry detergent

Jade Easy Wash Laundry Detergent, 64 loads, 92oz

Title validation: Pass

Image validation: Pass

Availability: Pass

Monitor MAP violations

Protect profit margins and maintain brand value by minimizing over-discounting across marketplaces. We deliver automated pricing insights for your products to help you deal with infractions quickly and effectively.

identify seller

Identify sellers that sell below the minimum advertised price (MAP)

track the numbers

Track the number and extent of violations over time


Compare pricing trends with the competition

monitor MAP

View and compare pricing trends for products across categories

  • How are your competitor products priced compared to yours?
  • What is the extent of discounts offered to customers?
  • Are your products available for purchase during peak shopping periods?

Track all of this information and more with our customized digital shelf analytics solution.

pricing trends for products

Track your brand’s share of search for multiple keywords

Determine the ease of discovering your products on shopping websites for popular keywords. Our analytics lets you see how your products rank for popular search terms on shopping websites, in both organic and sponsored results. Track ranking changes over time to inform marketplace advertising decisions

track your brands

Track product availability

Improve sales by reducing the time between stock replenishment with our digital shelf analytics solution. Furthermore, you can identify opportunities to improve your supply chain by getting real-time alerts when products go out-of-stock across stores and locations, and tracking product availability over time.

track product availability

Monitor and analyze product reviews and ratings

Get data-driven insights into user generated content (UGC) to identify opportunities for improving your customer experience and marketing campaigns. Our digital shelf analytics solution lets you drill down into customer feedback to capture:

category insights

Category insights

topic spread

Topic spread

sentiment spread

Sentiment spread

consumer perspection

Consumer perceptions


Competitive insights

Why choose us?

digital shelf why choose
automated insights report

Automated insight reports:

Get proactive push-intel based on pre-specified and pre-established scopes

customized dashboards

Customized dashboards:

Quickly access information and view different aspects of your digital shelf performance at a glance

anytime anywhere access

Anytime, anywhere access:

Our dashboards are hosted on the cloud, which means you can access all digital shelf performance metrics in one place anytime, anywhere

multi language support

Multi-language support:

Meet compliance requirements across global sellers

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  • We respect your right to data privacy and security. You may unsubscribe from our communications at any time. For more information, check out our Privacy Policy.