Assessment services

Netscribes’ pioneering e-commerce assessment services lets you conform to global best practices with data-driven insights. Get an unbiased assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats within your e-commerce website. Our experts work with you to create an action plan for fixing any problems we find, updating information as necessary, or setting new goals.
unbiased assessment

Unbiased assessment

Get an objective view of your website’s performance from an independent team of over 300 tech, UX, creative & research professionals through our e-commerce assessment services.

Expert advice

With over 12 years experience in the e-commerce industry, you can rely on our expertise to obtain effective solutions and drive improvement in the customer experience.

expert advice
leverage best practices

Leverage best practices

Ensure that your e-commerce team operates in accordance with global best practices in terms of product information management, user experience, technology and processes.

Increased clickthroughs

We ensure that your website or app meets the needs of your customers, leading them further down the purchase path.

increased click thoughts
enhanced performance

Enhanced performance

Boost your e-commerce performance through better management of product data, enhanced website security, and by implementing robust tools and methodologies.

How we help

Product content audit and benchmarking

This comprehensive assessment service provides an in-depth review of your product detail pages to expose any inaccuracies. Moreover, it provides an unbiased comparison of your product content against your competition to identify strategic performance opportunities.

This includes an audit of your website’s:

Product categorization and taxonomy

Product categorization and taxonomy

title nomenclature - product catalog

Title nomenclature

product and image mapping

Product and image mapping

attributes - product catalog


audit of your website
image quality - product catalog

Image quality

Features and bullet points

Features and bullet points

product description - product catalog

Product description

Website performance audits

Gain visibility into the functional and technical gaps in your website through our e-commerce assessment services. Netscribes’ team of experts, tech, UX, creative & research, work together to identify and improve upon your website’s overall performance.

website performance audits

There are several aspects
to this audit, including:

coding standards

Coding standards

third party integration

Third-party integrations

website speed

Website speed



application performance

Application performance

front-end element

Front-end elements

data security

Data security

Customer reviews monitoring

We provide a host of options for monitoring your customer reviews ensuring they stay accurate and relevant. Whether you need to deal with negative feedback, remove inappropriate content, or engage more customers – we’ve got you covered!

customer review

Customer review moderation

Q-A management

Q&A management

customer review monitoring

Search quality audit

search quality

Provide superior search results that match the intent of customer queries. As a part of our e-commerce assessment services, we analyze search result data to identify gaps, so that marketplaces can adjust their search algorithms for an intuitive user experience.

Learn more

3 million SKUs

3 million+

SKUs audited per month

4 million plus customers

4 million+

customer reviews moderated per month

4k plus product categories


product categories

product category image - e-commerce assessment services

Key Features

Automated quality checks

Each product line in an e-commerce platform follows unique templates and guidelines. Using our proprietary automation platform, each product’s content is audited to identify anomalies and ensure compliance with pre-determined guidelines. Our e-commerce assessment services include formatting and grammatical errors, banned words, and improper sentence construction, among others. This minimizes human intervention and helps our clients optimize their product content at scale.

automated quality check - e-commerce assessment services

Benchmark against the competition and global best practices

Some changes to your online store aren’t obvious and may be unnecessary. That’s why, through our e-commerce assessment services we evaluate improvement areas based on industry benchmarks and competitive insights. Our recommendations are based on data-driven insights, providing you with clear visibility into which changes to prioritize and what results to expect once they are implemented.

End-to-end workflow management

Our proprietary workflow management platform streamlines all assessment processes while giving you complete visibility into the status of each project. Obtain key insights into various audits through automated reports.

end to end workflow - e-commerce assessment services

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