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For companies with a lot of SKUs, it can be extremely difficult to maintain an accurate product database. We take the pain out of keeping your product content accurate, relevant, and complete with our e-commerce content audit services.

With an intelligent automation system and a team of over 100 experienced content analysts, we at Netsribes identify and fix content issues such as missing information, grammatical errors, and non-compliance with your website’s standards. Leading B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms use our product content audit and benchmarking services to optimize their user experience and boost conversions.

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Product content audits

Product content audits

We audit product information both on live and pre-live SKUs, following predefined guidelines. The components of the information we review include:

This includes:

  • Product categorization
  • Title nomenclature
  • Product image and mapping
  • Attributes
  • Image quality
  • Features and bullet points
  • Product description
Review moderation

Review moderation

We provide a host of options for monitoring customer reviews to ensure that your brand stays relevant. Whether you need to deal with negative feedback, remove inappropriate content, or engage more customers – we’ve got you covered.

Q&A moderation

Q&A moderation

We manage the Q&A section of a product page to address all product-related queries accurately and filter unwanted responses to allow customers to receive accurate product information.

Netscribes product content audit solution provides an unbiased comparison of your product content against competition.

Gain an in-depth review of your product detail pages to expose any inaccuracies and to identify strategic performance opportunities.

Always on audits

Always-on audits

product information accuracy

Over 95% product information accuracy

Proprietary quality audit platform

Proprietary quality audit platform

Automated quality checks

Automated quality checks

End-to-end workflow

End-to-end workflow management

global best practices

Benchmark against the competition and global best practices

Gain scalability with Netscribes’ Content
Quality Audit platform

Our automated content audit platform conducts key aspects of copy editing, reducing quality assurance effort. By inspecting the content carefully, it performs specific checks to detect anomalies and ensure adherence to specific template standardizations.

Automated checks run by Netscribes’s content QA platform

language check

Language checks

  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
Structural Checks

Structural Checks

  • Text case
  • Spacing
  • Para/line breaks
Blacklist Checks

Blacklist Checks

  • Abusive/Banned words
  • Contact Details
  • Special Characters
Uniformity Checks

Uniformity Checks

  • Mention of mandatory attributes
  • Dimention Syntax
  • Length & syntex of title

Why choose our platform?

Ensure style-guide compliance

Ensure style-guide compliance

Leverage flexible-rule based systems to retain, modify, or remove content

Deep-rule customizations

Deep-rule customizations

From broad category-level exceptions to SKU-specific exclusions, get ample customization flexibility to maintain product data consistency

Eliminate missing

Eliminate missing, plagiarized content

Identify and replace content with the help of seasoned content experts to improve SEO ranking

Real-time progress report

Real-time progress report

QC teams can relay feedback at any stage, reducing time in reaching the final desired output

anywhere access

Anytime, anywhere access

The platform is hosted on the cloud, enabling access from anywhere, with consistent speed and performance

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Boost your digital storefront’s visibility with compelling content Interested to explore more?

Interested to explore more?

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