Market Intelligence to Create a Go-To-Market Strategy

Market Intelligence

Planning a go-to-market strategy to enter a new market can be daunting. There are several factors to be considered –  the market dynamics, competition, differences in the language, culture, laws and regulations. You need a deep understanding of the market and the potential for growth, find out any untapped opportunities, identify a relevant value proposition, know when to enter and how, whom to partner with, and so on.


Facing a similar challenge was a leading baby-care product manufacturer, based in Turkey, who wanted to explore and assess the Indian market opportunity. In order to make the right market entry decisions, it was in search of  market intelligence that could help in building a well planned go-to-market strategy.


Download this case study to find out how the client was able to get a deep understanding of the Indian baby product market, identify the untapped opportunities it had to offer, and define a product strategy for a successful market entry.

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