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Understanding the change in information requirement

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In this rapidly evolving business environment, information itself is not good enough to provide crucial insights to address complex market needs

What businesses need is intelligence
What businesses need is intelligence: data analyses, foresights, insight into trends and business opportunities and practical considerations for action

information and intelligence
Netscribes helps bridge the gap between information and intelligence to provide actionable business insights and customized strategies

Netscribes demystifies research and looks beyond traditional modes which are adhoc, point-in-time based and deliverable dependent

Netscribes offers end-to-end intelligence services which act as a plugin and provide recurring insights over a prolonged period of time

Netscribes’ approach encompasses both macro and micro level analytic research (EICPT model). This model drills downwards from macro-economic scenarios, to industry and sub-sectors to company and peer group analysis, product and services and finally technology.

In-depth industry research covering market size, distribution channel analysis, market trends, competitive landscape, legislation, company profiles

In-depth industry research Industry
Strategic analysis of companies Company

Strategic analysis of companies covering key facts, company background, detailed SWOT analysis, market assessment, key strategic objectives and challenges, regional category analysis and competitive positioning and prospects

Pre-Product Research Product

Pre-Product Research
(Innovation/Technology, Patent, Market Entry, Market Opportunity, Go-to-Market)
Post-Product Research
(Market Intelligence, Investment Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence)

Technology research for IP and innovation-based strategies Technology

Technology research for IP and innovation-based strategies covering complex technology assessment, novelty searches, freedom-to-operate searches, portfolio and landscape analyses, validity searches and licensing support services

Comprehensive economy research and analysis Economy

Comprehensive economy research and analysis with short and medium term outlook on key macro-economic variables and key global developments

Netscribes uses a unique combination of primary research expertise and traditional desk research along with social media analysis, to provide clients with smart business insights and customer-oriented strategies across a wide industry spectrum

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