Marketing Support

Effective Social Media Strategy

The goal of the social media marketing team at Netscribes is to put the client’s firm in a position that will enable them to easily assess and access conversations taking place on all the social media platforms, which, in turn, will help them to create marketing strategies attuned to their company’s goals. Through a complete social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, the social media marketing teams help companies take advantage of the social and web analytics, aiding them to drive more visitors to the site. As a key branding initiative, social media marketing services provided by Netscribes ensures that the brand integrity is maintained while rendering optimal representation on the targeted social platforms.

The purpose of the social media marketing team at Netscribes is to channelize the consumer sentiments towards a particular brand, allowing the brand to interact and engage with the consumers. Thesocial media analysis team is best known for providing clients with an elaborate social media marketing strategy that outlines the platforms, target audience profiling, recommendations on platforms and software to be employed, custom content generation, competitive analysis of the social landscape, widget strategy development, community monitoring as well as blog design, set up, monitoring and optimization. Netscribes also offers branded video marketing and distribution in addition to marketing services on all social media platforms, blogger outreach programs, formulation of social media marketing strategies, corporate blogging and monthly campaign review reports. The social media marketing practice at Netscribes aims to represent their clients in a positive light on all relevant social platforms to ensure greater visibility and consumer engagement amongst specific target groups.