Market Intelligence

Effective social media analysis

Social media having become a key marketplace today, it is essential for companies to monitor these platforms to audit and measure the consumer sentiments expressed through these platforms to maintain a positive brand perception in the online space. The social media intelligence gathered not only gives companies specific insights into consumer behavior and preferences but also helps them assess their own positioning and perception vis-Ă -vis that of their clients as perceived by the target groups. This intelligence provides key insights into the market consciousness, which can then be utilized to devise effective strategies for both online and offline campaigns.

The social media intelligence team at Netscribes combines its global expertise in social media analysis with data and insights derived from market research to produce comprehensive market acumen. The research approaches contextualize and assess the online brand impacts beyond mere numbers. Our social media experts work in tandem with industry specialists to serve deeper, actionable and more insightful social media solutions that allow firms to target the appropriate audience, benchmark performance against individual launches and campaigns and competitor affinities amongst the target groups to obtain deep consumer insights which helps them filter critical aspects that can significantly affect the perception of a brand.