Market Intelligence

Media Monitoring

To understand and effectively implement strategic marketing tactics, it becomes crucial for a company to measure the perception of the brand among its target audiences in order to efficaciously mold public opinion in their favor. Hence, monitoring any messaging and mentions of the brand on any form of media, whether online or offline, is instrumental to the process. The media monitoring team at Netscribes grasps this concept and aids clients to listen to their consumer conversations both online and offline, yielding key insights about how consumers view the particular company, the brand, competitors and also the relevant industry.

The media monitoring team comprises a team of experts who track the brand and work in tandem with client corporate communication teams to develop new strategies and policies around corporate reputation management, public relations, marketing, product development, knowledge development, research and development teams and customer service. The services include real time, daily or periodic overseeing of events, campaigns as well as advertisement monitoring. Measurement is carried out using custom designed metrics and KPIs, online analytics offering insights and KPIs extracted using multiple tools. Additionally, web-based, collaborative analytics on the data and calculated metrics form an integral part of the services provided. The media monitoring process is conducted by our sub-brand dedicatedly catering to online and digital monitoring and promotions, Onsense, and is represented through regular reports and digital media analytics provided by the platform.